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        Company Profile

        Founded in 1984, under the leadership of Wu Jianrong, the Group founder and chairman, Zhejiang Zhongnan Group aims to build a modern enterprise dominated by two core industries namely engineering construction and cultural creativity by adhering to the company tenet of faithful operation and innovative development. Currently, it’s a general contracting enterprise for national construction project with special grade qualification, top 500 private enterprise, top 100 architectural decoration enterprises, top 3 curtain wall enterprises in China, a national high-tech enterprise and national key cultural export enterprise.


        In the field of engineering construction, a complete and compact industrial chain has been formed including building construction, curtain wall, steel structure, decoration, electromechanical intelligence, municipal garden design and construction. In recent years, Zhongnan has undertaken a number of major projects and landmark buildings at home and abroad including Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center (the main stadium of the Asian Games in 2022), Hangzhou International Expo Center (the main stadium of G20 Summit), Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport VIP Terminal, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Thailand G-Land Tower, the Church of Davao City in Philippines, Huangshan Hotel in Cambodia and has won more than 300 awards such as “Luban Award”, “National Decoration Award of Architectural Engineering”, “Gold Award of Steel Structure” and so on.


        In the field of cultural creativity, Zhongnan Animation has become a leading enterprise in domestic animation industry and one of the top 10 most influential national cultural industry demonstration bases. It’s committed to original animation production, film and television program distribution, audio and video book marketing, animation brand authorization, derivative products development and marketing, franchising and other relevant industrial chain construction. The original animation works such as Magic Eye, Magic Wonderland, Rubi and Yoyo, Legend of Zheng Chenggong, Zhe He’s Voyage to the West, Swirl Fighters and The China Panda have won more than 180 awards at home and abroad including “Five One Project Prize” of national spiritual civilization and the first prize of national animation fine works, have entered into broadcasting systems in more than 90 countries and regions and established close strategic cooperation with new media broadcasting platforms at home and abroad. 

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