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        Struggle to Pursue Your Dream, Strive to Lighten Your Life

        ----Address from Board Chairman of Zhongnan Group Wu Jianrong



        Wu Jianrong, Board Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhongnan Group


        • Deputy to the 12th and 13th People’s Congress of Zhejiang Province
        • Member of the 10th CPPCC of Zhejiang Province
        • Deputy to the 9th to 13th People’s Congress of Hangzhou
        • Vice Chairman of Hangzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce
        • Vice President of China Association of Architectural Decoration Industry
        • Vice President of China Animation Association
        • Vice President of Chinese Private Culture Industry Chamber of Commerce
        • Vice President of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce
        • President of Zhejiang Animation Industry Association
        • Executive President of Zhejiang Private Enterprise Development Association
        • President of Hangzhou Animation & Game Association
        • Vice President of Chinese Culture Promotion Association of Hangzhou


        As time goes on, with care and support from all sectors of society, Zhongnan has experienced more than thirty years’ struggle and development and has achieved great progress.


        For over thirty years, Zhongnan always follows the theme of “Entrepreneurship, Creation and Innovation”, constantly expands business and creates new operation patterns, continuously challenges itself and pursues for excellence and has made great achievement. In the field of housing construction, Zhongnan has built many fine quality engineering projects at home and abroad which were highly praised and has made great contribution to building a harmonious society and improving the image of urban civilization. In the field of cultural creativity, Zhongnan Animation has created various original animations with quality which are good for teenagers’ healthy growth and society’s positive energy transmission. In the field of commerce, Zhongnan has formed a large urban commercial complex centered with Zoland which has actively promoted the development and prosperity of regional economy. In the field of high-tech industry, Zhongnan has actively explored the pattern of internet and development and promoted the company’s continuous transformation and upgrading, innovation and development. 


        Currently, Zhongnan Group is at a critical phase of development to achieve leaping development and move towards world-class enterprise. On the new developing platform, Zhongnan will always adhere to the enterprise tenet of “Faithful operation and innovative development”, take advance of national deepen reform in marketing, seize the new opportunity brought by new technologies, new commercial activities and new business patterns, constantly consolidate core business and actively explore new industries to make Zhongnan become an industry-leading modern enterprise with international competitiveness. 


        For the new journey in the new era, I believe that Zhongnan Group will seize new opportunity, adjust to new normal and plan new development to achieve greater progress and repay more back to our society with every colleague’s effort and the care and support of the society. Struggle to pursue your dream, strive to lighten your life. You can make it in Zhongnan. 


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