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        Home / Introduction / Philosophy

        Corporate mission: To serve human progress.


        Advance with our cause: “Dreams are realized by advancing”; Zhongnan grows and advances with our customers, employees and relevant people.


        Advance with the times: Zhongnan keeps innovating to serve for improving human beings’ material life and advance for improving human beings’ spiritual life.


        Advance with the world: Zhongnan advances with the world to revitalize national industry and realize the vision of becoming a global famous brand.


        Corporate vision: To become a century-old enterprise and form a global brand. 


        Corporate goal: To become specialized and strong, and stand side by side with world first-class enterprises.


        Corporate atmosphere: In the beautiful environment and orderly working atmosphere, the company and employees develop together to create a united and fashionable family. 


        Quality policy: To create a domestic famous brand, reach international advanced level, and make users feel satisfied.


        Environmental policy: To protect the ecology, prevent pollution, save energies, and develop in a sustainable way. 

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